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For your central system make sure you clean or change your filters at the right frequency.

Every mid-season, make sure you vacuum the drain of your air conditioner or your heat pump with a vacuum capable of absorbing water ( Ex: Shop Vac ) Make sure to unblock the p-trap of your central system also. Often neglected, this maintenance is essential to avoid water damage. 

To be able to maintain your heat pump at a good efficiency, every mid season you have to clean the outside unit. To do so, make sure you close the breaker of your machine. Use your water hose and water the condenser to unblock it from all the pollen and dust.

( Warning , the fins are in aluminium, it is unwise to use a power wash too strong. Do not use acid as a cleaning product as it's too corrosive and can cause a prematured degradation of the condenser ) 

Central System Maintenance


* Changement of filters (filter not included in the base price, please specify if you want us to bring the new filter)

* Cleaning of coils inside and outside

* Preventive unblocking of the drains

* Cleaning of the drain pump

* Cleaning of the blower if needed

* Lubricate motors if needed

* Voltage verification

* Verification of the correct functioning of sequencers and electrical components

* Verification of the capacitors

* Verification of the thermostat programming

* Verification of the amps of electrical elements and the motors

* Verification of electrical connections

* Verification of the pipe insulation

* Verification of the  refrigerant pressures if needed

* Verification of the temperature differential

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